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Introducing myself – Mark Clare from Clare Capital

My name is Mark Clare and I am an investment banker working in New Zealand.

There is a lot of misconception and misunderstanding about the work I do. My industry is partly to blame for this situation. There is not a lot of “openness” in investment banking (or “IB” as it is called by insiders). But this is the 21st century – and everything is in a state of flux.

I am building a 21st century investment banking firm – I want it to be the first choice of anyone seeking corporate finance advice in New Zealand. This blog (a term I am not afraid of) is part of that process.

New Zealand is a country that I am proud to come from and proud to be working to move forward. New Zealanders are self-reliant do-it-themselves types. Often in our professional lives this means we struggle to seek assistance. Internationally corporate and government entities don’t have this same struggle. I have seen companies fail to achieve high-quality outcomes because they did not seek advice. For one sector (investment banking) I am going to try and explain why the right advice can add value. I am going to cover four main themes:

  1. I am going to explain how I (Mark Clare) think about various companies and issues in the New Zealand market.
  2. What it is that we do in investment banking and how we work to assist clients to achieve high-quality outcomes (we hope).
  3. Try and explain some corporate finance terminology and concepts.
  4. Some random things – things that I like and are important to me.

I also need to have some rules to make this work at my end:

  1. I am not providing investment advice on this blog. If you are looking for investment advice – go and find an adviser that will assess your needs and make recommendations accordingly. I am not that person and don’t want to be that person.
  2. I will tell some “war-stories” – but I will carefully protect the confidentiality of the clients that I work with. I take my responsibilities with clients very seriously. If you are looking for the inside scoop on mergers and acquisitions transactions – not going to happen here. My clients rely on me for discretion – and doing this blog at all is a risk to my day-to-day professional activities.
  3. I will be open about conflicts of interest. If someone asks me about something – and I have a conflict, I will disclose that.
  4. The views on this blog are my own (unless I have someone write a guest post). This blog is hosted on a firm’s site and will, I recognise, be linked with that firm. However, the views (and errors) are mine alone.

I am also going to keep each post to 500 words or less. So let’s see what happens…

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